Showing photos in group "Sandy Hook Elementary School"
Photos taken for The New York Daily News

The story of how these images were taken by photographer JB Nicholas can be found here:

Photos taken by Shannon Hicks from the local newspaper The Newtown Bee.

The story behind these photos can be found here:

Photos taken by detective Farr on the night of December 14 2012, depicting various areas of the exterior of the school.
Exterior photos of the school taken by Detective Gunsalus on Monday 17th December after bodies have been removed and the crime scene cleaned up.
Images of the doors inside of Sandy Hook School, taken by Detective Gunsalus.
Images of vehicles in the school's parking lot, taken by detective Meehan.
Back-up scene photos of the crime scene at Sandy Hook School, taken by detective Tranquillo. Mostly taken on the day of the shooting, during scene processing.